mercredi 14 janvier 2009

Å gå på ski

En ting veldig spesielt når man fra sørland som på Madagaskar komme i Norge er snø.Vi har ingen snø på landet og veldig varmt. Jeg huske når jeg ha sett snø førtse gang i Oslo. Det var 29 oktober, en dato at jeg skal ikke glemme. Det var koselig, når jeg voknet på morgen, jeg ha sett alle tings ute som hvite. Første kommet jeg ute og tok snø. Det var jeg gledet meg og se snø.
Men vi hadde ikke så mye snø i oslo og jeg ha ventet til Jul å gå på ski.

"Hjelpe meg, jeg skal falle sa jeg all tid" når jeg ha læret ski. Det er kjempe gøy og jeg fallet mange ganger, jeg vet ikke hvor mange ganger... men det er ikke så vondt når jeg fallet. jeg var bare red å falle men jeg tenker at det må man ikke tenke. Jeg husker når vi var på Mesnalia på Nyttsleir sammen med mange flott ledere. vi var ute på ski men det var ei jente som er fra Africa. hun fallet en gang også etter på hun sa at hun vill ikke å gå mer på ski. Hun tat skiene på hodet og gå med. Det var veldig morsom...

Det er gøy med snø men også kaldt. jeg nesten gråtet når vi var på Mesnalia, det var nesten minus 20 og det er kjempekaldt. Men men jeg håper at vi er mer snø til Mars eller April fordi jeg gleder meg å gå på ski igjen.

Celebrating Christmas in Norway!!!!

It has been for a while that I didn't write in my blog but i was bit "busy". Well, we celebrated Christams with our host family in their farm bit far from Oslo, ca 2hours.we left Oslo, december 23th in the evening.All the family were there and it was nice to be with them. eevn though i was far from my family, i felt okey.
What should i say about the Christams time in Norway, it is so nice that i don't have the right words, may be "Koselig!!"
For Christmas eve, we attended the serive at Ringsaker kirke, an old churh but very beautiful one. For the first time, i saw the church in Norway totally full. children , teenagers and adults. I wish it would be christmas every sunday to see it again!!!
There was anyplace anymore when we came 30 mn before the service started. "jeg er så glad hver jul Kveld", I love this song. we sang it for the service an dbefore dinner for christmas Eve.
After the service, we went home to celebrate Christmas. The most important part of the Norwegian Christmas is may be the time of sharing presents. So many christmas gifs, may be too much at least for me becaus ei was not used to that before. but I think also that Chrsitmas is the best time to show "Love" and to give presents means that the people who gave them though about me and it's so nice to know about that. I received six or seven presents, it was wonderful.

I almost forget the most important thing that I have learnt, "å gå på ski". " it was very nice to learn it but also funny. I went skiing for the first time for Christmas and i can say that it was very special day.because usually in my country, we attend service in church and after time to celebrate Christmas with family. But 2008, i went skiing for the first time and it is also Christams time and it was the first Christmas time for me without my family. A day that i'll always rememebr in the future . I'm looking forward to go skiing again and to fall...

jeudi 20 novembre 2008

Meeting malagasy people in Oslo

we were attending the Christian Union at Blidern Lagetshuset on wednesday november 19th. Thor Håkon was also there kind of promoting Hald for next year. the meeting was in English so we didn't have to worry to translate. The members are also nice so it was easy to talk them even it was for the first time there. we had dinner first and then the worship part began. I was surprised to see a girl which seemed to be malagasy and she was smiling at me. I didn't expect at all to see someone from my country that day. of course, i knew that there is some malagasy people who living in Norway but not so many. It was really the first time i saw a malagasy in oslo and to talk in Malagasy! i miss my language a lot!
At the end of the meeting, directly asked me where i am from and i responded, "malagasy". it was so nice. Actually, she was also guessed if i was from Madagascar. that was so nice!!! After we were talking for a long time, in Malagasy of course!!! She has been i Norway for one year now and she has met some malagasy before. Now i wish that we could meet more malagay people even though we are not so many here
Tena tsapako fa sarotra ny lavitra an'i Madagasikara, ilay nosy malalanay!!!!

vendredi 7 novembre 2008

Youth meeting

we are attending a youth meeting in Mysen last friday. we left home in the afternoon andtook the train to Mysen. First we had a dinner with Solveig, our mothers sister and one of the youth leader in Mysen. The meeting started at 6. it was also the halloween so all the young people there were dressed in the occasion.It was a funny reminded me the carnaval at Hald.
The next day we went to join our host families in Sarpsborg by bus. That was also a very "koselig week end". we went to their cabine near Fredrikstad. In the afternoon, we had a little trip in the small beach where to used to go for the summer time. it was very cold but anyway i found the place wonderful. it remind me a bit the town where i am from. That was a wonderful weeek end.

mercredi 15 octobre 2008


The first time in kindergarden was very difficult. I did not undrestand what all the kids said. They speak very fast for me. All the time had to say" jeg forstor ikke deg, kan du snakke saktere". Ja. it is a very helpful sentence. but they are so "søt" and i like playing with them. The Staff are nice and sometimes they translate for me.
but i think that when i can undarstand and speak norsk more, it will be more exciting to work there. " jeg vil lære norsk!"


During the week end, 3th til 5th Octobe, we were at Nordmarkskapellet with the youth at Fagerborg Church.We had a very nice week end. I found it peaceful and interesting. That was also a very good opportunity for us to enjoy the nature and to get known the young people in this congregation. They are very nice and Kind.
really, i enjoyed that time passed at Nordmarkskapellet but was very tired when i was back at home on sunday evening because we had to walk for one hour with our rude bag but that is Norway!

mercredi 8 octobre 2008

First evening in Oslo

our host family picked us in the bus station when we arrived on friday evening september 26. they are sisters so then we had dinner together that evening. then i discored my "Koselig"room. In the table, they wrote a big"welcome". I felt very welcome that day.

Leaving Hald

on thursday september 25 evening , we had a farewell party at hald. it was very nice.all the international students was singing the "we are the world" and the teachers did some entertainment very funy. yes! it was a evening with a lot of funy.And i think that this evening will stay a big memory for me.
But it was not easy to say Good bye and see you in six month to everybody at was also a evening when most of the students were crying because the next day they would be separate with the friends that they made during the 6 weeks.
The next day,all was ready to discover what they will experience abroad and in the some parts of Norway for the internship.
For me, the place of internship is, in the afternoon, we travelled around 6 hours by bus. first, from Mandal to Kristiansand and then to Oslo.

dimanche 7 septembre 2008


Faly miarahaba anareo rehetra tongasoa eto @ blog-ko.
I am glad to share some of my experiences in Norway!

mercredi 3 septembre 2008

Arrival at hald

we arrived very early in the morning of 11th august 2008 at Hald.Finally, tha famous meeeting with hald was coming after some moths of preparations. Agnar, cirene and Thor received us.It was "Koselig"!
we were all tired after spending almost one day travelling, so after eating some pizza everybody went to sleep.Even all seems impatients to discover what will happen the next day.
The next day, during the breakfast, almost all the international students were together. we started to know each other. then, we met all the staffs at Hald. They are nice!!!and we got a lot of pratical informations.
In the evening, there was a barbecue party organised specially for our arrival. It was nice!

Meeting norwegian students!

The norwegians students arrived in the evening of 13 august. I was impatient for my first meeting with norwegian students.